What is P90X?

How do I get P90X or Insanity coaching?

Great question!

What IS P90X?

Even better question!

p90x with guide

P90X is a 90 day program designed to continually challenge your body and your muscles so they don’t get bored, adapt, and force you to plateau. It’s mostly strength training with some cardio, stretching, and yoga. It’s great for people looking for a challenge and easily adaptable to whatever fitness level you’re at. As Tony Horton himself says, “Do your best…and forget the rest!”

Some people find that P90X isn’t their thing and prefer something like Insanity, Chalean Extreme, or Les Mills Combat. I have personally done many of the Beachbody programs and LOVE them. Some I love more than others, but it comes down to personality style and what I enjoy most when I work out. Do you like to challenge yourself? Do you like dance? Do you like cardio, good music? Are you looking for more of a beginner program, or perhaps something a bit more challenging? Are you trying to recover from injuries, pregnancy weight gain, or the dreaded Freshman 15?

If you’re not sure how these workout programs on DVD are, contact me for preview videos to get a sample of the workouts and what people have done with them. Not all of them are for everyone, but you may find your “soulmate workout”. 🙂

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