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Small changes = BIG results


In the world of microwaves and drive-thru dining, people can often be impatient for results and wind up turning to all sorts of crazy fad diets, crash diets, and extreme plans to get on track–but don’t plan for the long term in the process.

Small changes over time are really what’s key for any health and fitness plan. Here are some examples:

  • Parking further away from work and walking
  • Talking stairs as opposed to the elevator
  • Walking up and down on the escalator versus standing
  • Cutting out 100-200 calories daily from snacks and/or sugary drinks
  • Replacing soda with water or tea
  • Getting in a 10 minute workout in the morning as opposed to watching tv or being on the computer. There are some great workouts under 30 minutes which may be up your alley!
  • Swapping an unhealthy treat with a healthier version (baked potato fries as opposed to french fries, etc)
  • Having a healthy snack like Shakeology instead of ice cream, etc

As always, I’m here for anyone trying to make changes to their daily lives, whether it’s to gain or lose weight, build muscle, or just be on Team Happy and Healthy. Feel free to make me your fitness coach!

More Coach Summit Madness!


A LOT of news and new products!

PiYo is now available! Low impact, high intensity, and combines cardio, yoga, pilates, and strength training with no weights! You can order it online and get a discount on the challenge pack:

Direct links to PiYo here: 
PiYo challenge pack (on sale for a limited time only) $140:

PiYo base package $59.85 (free shipping for a limited time only):

It found its way into my suitcase…I have no idea how



The 3 Day Refresh is also available! Healthier than a juice cleanse with no starvation involved and a healthy meal plan. It is now available and there is a challenge pack sale for the month of July! Yes, it IS vegan and you can choose vegan flavors of Shakeology upon checkout.



Direct links for 3 Day Refresh:

3 Day Refresh, including three Shakeology packets:

3 Day Refresh challenge pack, includes a month’s worth of Shakeology:

Want to do P90X but don’t feel ready for X, X2, or X3? P90 is coming in the fall – watch this space!!

Also next year’s Coach Summit will be coming to Nashville July 16-19!

More to come!!

Some questions answered

Been getting some questions on Beachbody and the coaching thing….

Basically, as a coach you make money selling workout programs like P90X, T25, etc. plus supplements such as Shakeology while helping others get fit. No matter where you’re at in your fitness journey you can be of help to others, and everyone has a story to share. You do NOT have to be a fitness expert; the idea is to help to provide people with motivation and give them the accountability to keep them on track.

While Beachbody isn’t vegan or vegetarian per se they have a LOT of support for us vegans and increasingly so. Since I signed up as a coach they’ve brought on two vegan Shakeology flavors, brought vegan meal plan options to the workout programs, introduced a health “reset” program which transitions you into a whole foods, plant based diet (only first week has meat and dairy but has vegan substitute options), etc.

You also don’t have to be vegan to sign up with me as a coach! I have paleo, “flexitarian”, all types! It does not matter. 🙂

Some members of my team are here in Vegas while others couldn’t make it, sadly! But there’s always next year.

Questions or need more info? Click here to learn more.

Warmer weather means YUMMY SHAKES! Plus, a sale on Shakeology packets….

I just love it when the warmer weather hits! I get to run outdoors again without it aggravating my asthma, walk outside, wake up earlier and feel soooo refreshed!

It’s also when I like to break out the tropical strawberry Shakeology for breakfast instead of my usual chocolate vegan, and mix that with some tasty fresh organic OJ and a banana in my blender. omnomnom 🙂 That’s hands down my favorite recipe for tropical strawberry Shakeology.


It’s gone. It’s all gone. 😀

Speaking of which, I do have some packets for sale still, and I’m offering a great deal on them! $5 each plus s/h. If you buy two, you’ll get one FREE! $10 + s/h will get you three packets of your choice of the following flavors:

  • Vanilla (vegetarian)
  • Tropical Strawberry (vegan)
  • Chocolate vegan

If you’re interested in giving it a try, contact me. I take both Square and Paypal. This deal will last as long as supplies do, so hurry!

Here are some great calendars for Shakeology recipes for each of the flavors:




June Challenge pack sales are here!


Save $115 this month on the Insanity challenge pack:

Or…save over $50 with the Shaun T dance challenge pack:

All offers end June 30th! Were it me, I’d jump on that dance pack. Hip Hop Abs is a LOT of fun, doesn’t even feel like a workout! Plus you get to try Rockin Body. 🙂


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