Fraterni-tea at the Tea Leaf

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Yesterday I was dragged, kicking and screaming, by my fellow alumni, to a fraternity event at the Tea Leaf in Waltham. Well. That’s a bit of a lie. Actually all I heard was the word “tea” and I was already in the car; I think there was a sonic boom.

Our fraternity is more of a “fraterni-tea” as teatime has been a tradition of ours since before my time there (they’re really my kind of people), so it made sense that in celebrating the weekend of our fraternity’s 100th birthday that we have tea.

So I happily got up early and got as much work as needed to be done before I got there, as the original idea was to be there for about three hours or so, and I had a feeling we would go past closing–which we did.

They do afternoon teas there, which involves many delicious sandwiches and pastries, none of which are vegan. However when the owner found out that anything containing eggs and dairy and meat were denied to me, she whipped up some mini vegan sandwiches containing red pepper tapenade and eggplant tapenade plus a beautiful fruit plate. I honestly just figured I would go there and enjoy the ginormous pot of extremely good Earl Grey and get full on that, but I managed to get full on those little sandwiches, the fruit, and approximately eight cups of tea.

The entire shop is filled with all kinds of excellent tea, teapots, mugs, and anything pertaining to tea. There is also some lovely jewelry there, and along with two containers of tea some teapot earrings managed to find their way into my shopping cart. Oops. It’s also a very nice, casual place, good to relax in and enjoy your tea.

Anyhow, I very much recommend the place and a good time was had by all. 🙂

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How to tell if you’re making progress (or not) in your fitness goals

There was some study done somewhere where it was determined that the majority of women rely on the scale to determine if they are successful in their fitness goals. If they’re doing strength training, they’ll wind up being VERY frustrated. Here’s why:


Muscle takes up less room for the same weight!

Here are all of the different ways you can tell you’re making progress with your fitness goals even without the scale:

  1. Measurements! Keep track of your measurements with measuring tape.
  2. Your clothes! How do they fit?
  3. Your energy levels! Do you feel better? Are you getting sick less?
  4. Your stamina! Are you able to do one more pushup than you used to do, even if you’re still on your knees?
  5. Your consistency! Are you able to stick to your workout schedule and your nutrition?
  6. Your eating habits! Are you finding yourself craving junk food less and healthy food more?
  7. Your pictures! Take before pictures and some “in between” or “in progress” pictures as you go. I’m willing to bet you’ll see a difference before you even see any changes with your measurements OR the scale.

It sometimes helps to keep a log not just of your food and your workouts but how you’re feeling: your moods, your energy level, etc.

If you find that none of these are happening, you may need to examine what could be the cause. It could be your exercise routine, your eating habits, or all of the above. I’ll cover that tomorrow! Stay tuned….

Eating healthy, fast and easy

How many of us have faced the following dilemma:

“I’m starving, but I’m torn between which is greater: my desire to eat, or my desire not to make the energy to prepare/decide on food.”

Honestly, I’ve had days where I’ve been so frustrated I either didn’t eat or ate something questionable due to lack of time, energy, or resources. I live a busy life and feel your pain. It’s easier to run out and buy something premade, order in, or eat out, especially when you’re tired and you can barely even work up the energy to workout (or spent it all during your workout).

I’m here to provide tips on what’s helped me. Hopefully it’ll help you:

  1. Prep food on the weekends (or whenever you have the most time) in advance for the week.
  2. Chop up veggies and put them into individual containers. Ziplock baggies are great for this sort of thing! Then you can grab and go, mix and match.
  3. Make something that has more than one serving, and put each serving into containers.
  4. Make a food item you can add to your dishes in bulk (quinoa, brown rice, baked tofu/seitan/etc), and store it in the fridge to use throughout the week.
  5. Plan ahead. Make things you can mix and match for your meals to provide variety.
  6. Get containers like this and this to help with separating your ingredients and combining them easily at work or on the go.
  7. Local supermarket has a salad bar, and you only need a certain amount of fixings? Go there and for seriously cheap costs get lots of lightweight, prechopped veggies to stir frys, sandwiches and wraps, etc. I do this with quinoa sometimes to save time on prep and cooking.
  8. Protein shakes! Protein shakes can make for a quick meal or snack on the go, and you can add fruit and other ingredients to them. While some shakes are filled with artificial and GMO ingredients, others are naturally sourced and have the best bang for your buck. I highly recommend either Vega One or Shakeology. Shakeology comes in six flavors, two of which are completely plant based in ingredients while the others are vegetarian with whey protein. If you wish to try a sample or two of Shakeology before  you buy a month’s worth, there are sample packs available in both vegan and non-vegan varieties! It also has a money back guarantee so if you try it for a month and decide it’s not for you, you can get a full refund. To see what options are available in Shakeology and/or to read more about it, go here.
  9. Get a slow cooker and make slow cooker recipes! There are plenty on the Internet. 🙂

Do you struggle with healthy eating under time constraints too? What have you found that’s helped? If not, feel free to rant in the comments below and get more suggestions!


The Coaching Side of the Force


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