Reset your body, reset your life!

I’m continuing to recover from the patellar tendonitis (overtrained on plyo and hurt the tendon in my knee) and have been given doctor’s orders to start running (YESSSSS I can’t wait mwahaha), and I’m jumping back into Chalean Extreme and starting with the Lean phase next week. I had hoped to restart sooner, but such is life.

I plan to continue Chalean Extreme and my crazy walking schedule right up until the Avon Walk, then finish up the last bit of the Chalean Extreme until May 30th.

And what will I do on May 30th?

Yup, I’m starting the Ultimate Reset! It’s a 21 day cleanse/detox program which phases out meat, eggs, and dairy and gets people to reset their body based on a whole foods, plant based diet along with various supplements. Naturally that elimination is irrelevant for me since I’m vegan, but I think it’s pretty cool that people get to give a plant-based diet a try for the sake of their health. I’ve been hearing reports of people dropping absurd amounts of cholesterol points (20-50 points!), fat %, pounds (10-20 appears to be the average), eliminating health issues, you name it. I’d also like to be at my best before I dive into P90X2, which I plan to do once the reset is over.

Naturally being both vegan and a coach, I thought it’d be cool to get people join me on the reset journey and do a 21 day challenge group together. And those who are used to a more standard American diet with meat and dairy can get to try something new, and who better to do that with than someone who did a similar transition and stuck with it?

I suffer from severe environmental and seasonal allergies and wheat hates me. I’ve had an amazing amount of success with 5 day juice cleanses and did a 45 day detox/reset of my own last year. I think that this program will be interesting to try, and a wonderful challenge to embark on after walking a marathon and a half!

We deal with pollutants and toxins day in and day out, and I meet so many people who have crippling addictions to caffeine that I am now afraid to touch coffee and watch the caffeine content of the tea I drink. It absolutely scares me what people consider to be both “food” and a “healthy diet”, and I often wonder how much of the crap we breathe in, ingest, and are used to as part of a “normal” day inhibits our fitness goals, especially in the realm of weight loss and athletic performance.

If you want to give the reset a try with me, go here to learn more about the reset and/or join me for the ride. I begin on May 30th and am already armed with the shopping lists for what foods will be needed.

Quick weight loss? For real?

First of all, let’s get real. If you want to lose 15 or more pounds, you’re not just talking about a diet or a lose weight quick scheme. You’re talking about a lifestyle change. There are many crazy diets out there, some which work and some which will leave you either with additional health issues or at the very least, gaining back the weight afterwards–and then some.

The problem, therefore, isn’t losing the weight nor how fast you will lose it. It’s maintaining. The grapefruit diet, the HCG diet, Aktins, cayenne pepper and lemon juice diet, or whatever insanity is hot this week diet will NOT teach you how to eat afterward, take care of your body, or figure out what forms and how much physical activity is necessary to both achieve and keep your transformation.

After all, it’s about transformation, right? It’s about transforming YOUR body into what YOU want, feeling good, and being healthy. I am all about being happy and healthy more than I am about whether or not you can fit into xyz size jeans.

The following pieces of information are needed before you can embark on your journey towards achieving your weight loss goal:

    1) Is the goal realistic? Are you looking at wanting to lose 50 lbs in two weeks, or more like 50 lbs in 3-4 months?

    2) Do you know what it will take to lose the weight?

    3) How are you eating now, and what needs to be changed/removed/added for it to be a diet that will FUEL your body and reboot your life?

    4) How are you keeping active now? ARE you keeping active now?

If you’re looking to change your body and your life and don’t know how, I can tell you how. Heck, I can even help you along with your journey towards being fit and happy. I am not a stranger to weight loss or fitness goals; I once lost 100 lbs and went from a size 16 to a size 2.

Caveat: I will ONLY help those who are super serious about wanting results. If you’re fed up and want to transform your world, stop waiting and get started here.

Come hang with me!

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My walking totals for the week!

Here we go again, the countdown before the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in May begins!

Saturday: 16 miles
Sunday: 5.5 miles
Monday: 11 miles
Tuesday: 10.5 miles
Wednesday: 11 miles
Thursday: 11 miles
Friday: rest day (prepping to visit my parents for my birthday)

I’m still looking to raise money for my fundraising pledge, and I’m almost 50% away from my min pledge goal! Support a tea-addicted geek?

Transform your body, transform your life!

Looking to get going on some fitness goals in time for the swimsuit season? I know there are a LOT of people coming here for my recipes and sound health advice who could use some more intense one-one-one coaching, and to those of you who fit that description…I have some good news for you!

I’m starting up a 90 day fitness challenge starting May 21st. You don’t need to attend a gym. You’ll be able to do your workouts on your own schedule. You’ll be in a small, private Facebook group with other people just like you who have their own goals that they’re working hard to meet. It’ll be fun, challenging, educational…and potentially life-altering!

Have an interest in trying any of the following exercise programs?

    Chalean Extreme
    Power 90
    Turbo Jam
    Turbo Fire
    Hip Hop Abs
    Tai Cheng
    Brazil Butt Lift
    Les Mills Pump
    Insanity: Asylum

…or are they already paid for and sitting on a shelf in your home somewhere, collecting dust bunnies, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Get in touch with me, sign up at Beachbody with me as your fitness coach, and join my fitness challenge!

I’m here for ya. I’ve been there, done that in regards to fitness goals, weight loss goals…and I know what it’s like to struggle. You don’t have to do it alone, nor do you have to try out a million fad diets or pills that don’t work.

Decide. Commit. SUCCEED!

Want to learn more? Contact me!